Questions to Consider

Risk Management Questions You Should Consider

Liability Risks

Are your home, vehicles (including ATVs, boats, RVs, golf carts, motorcycles), hobbies and business interests properly insured? You should carry liability coverage sufficient to be sure that you will not personally be financially liable if someone is injured or property is damaged as the result of your personal or business activities. We can advise you based upon your individual circumstances.
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Property Risks

Any property you own that would create financial difficulty to replace should be insured. Most property can be easily insured on a blanket basis inexpensively, but some items (such as collections, jewelry, guns, and business property) should be looked at closely. What do you own that is unusual or valuable? Talk to us!
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Family Protection

Every family needs to adequately prepare for the unexpected. There are many excellent and affordable solutions today for loss of income and catastrophic expenses due to death, disablement, injury, and illness. Also, everyone, no matter what age or status, should have a financial plan to save for the future. We have specialists on staff with extensive experience in these areas who can advise you and help formulate appropriate, effective, and affordable ways to prepare. Don’t wait until “later” to put your mind at ease and protect your loved ones (and yourself!). We highly recommend that you review your planning with us.
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